About Swema AB

Swema develops, manufactures, calibrates and services measuring instruments and sensors. Since June 2000, Swema is certified according to ISO 9001.

Swema historical brief facts
1944 was founded in Stockholm by Civ. Ing. Axel Th. Carlander
1966 The first “SwemaFlow” for airflow measurement was launched.
1967 Moved into the new “Swemahuset” at Pepparv. 27, Hökarängen
1984 Founder Axel Th. Carlander retired
1994 The SwemaAir 300 universal instrument for indoor climate and ventilation was launched.
1998 www.swema.se, Swema’s first website was launched.
2006 The company named changed from Svenska Mätapparater Fabriks AB to Swema AB.
2006 Swema 3000 was launched and replaced SwemaAir 300.
2008 A representative office in Shanghai, China was opened.