Annual Energy Consumption

Heating: Swema  uses nearly non-fossile-fule district heating for heating the Swema house, hot water and fan heating, of which a restaurant takes 78,000 kWh, 25% (2021). Ventilation energy recovery worked poorly 2018 and 2021. The house has been energy renovated and the energy consumption for heating has been reduced by 20%. (33% at best). From 115 kWh/sqm to 92kWh/sqm (77 at best) district heating per year.

Electricity: Swema buys electricity generated by water, wind and solar power plants. On the Swema house roof 108 solar panels are installed. The use of energy includes the overall ventilation and lightning. The restaurant uses 84.000 kWh, 50% (2021). The Chinese office uses 1000 kWh per year.

Biogas, Natural gas, petrol and electricity is used for two gas and one electrical car. Swema has no longer a Diesel car.