Universal instruments

Swema 3000 is a series of accurate universal instruments and loggers in metal housing, designed for HVAC testing and balancing, industry, research and universites. Measuring results, instrument and probe calibration protocols are easily transferred to PC. Download SwemaTerminal 2 PC freeware to update the Swema 3000 firmware to the latest version.

There is a wide selection of sensors. Each sensor and mode is developed for a specific measurement and logging task. The differential pressure sensors have a wide measuring range with highest accuracy. There is an extendable anemometer and a complete range of humidity and temperature probes from Rotronic. The sophisticated draught probe as well as the globe temperature probe and Humidity probe complies with EN ISO-EN7726 and 7730.
Each sensor and Swema 3000 can be sent for calibration separately.

Industrial measurements
The model Swema 3000 is used for the wide range of external sensor for example for temperature and humidity.

Ventilation measurement and balancing
Swema 3000md is the ultimate tool for ventilation measurements. This model has a built-in differential pressure sensor for -300...1500Pa for valve and pito static pipe measurements. The measurement range covers most ventilation applications with better uncertainty than Swema 3000mdH+. SWA 31 and SWA 03 are external thermistor sensors for air velocity, flow and draught measrements. Booth Swema 3000md and 3000mdH+ have built in Type K temperature connector and barometer for air density compensation and also zero valves to automatic calibrate the zero pressure point of the differential pressure sensor. SwemaTwin is a method to balance a ventilation system using two Swema 3000md Bluetooth modems.

Duct or Building leakage tester
Swema 3000md controls a leakage tester and measures the leakage rate of a tested duct or building.

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